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IPEC holds wedding dress designs infringed: no happy-ever-after for ex-employees

日期: 23 March 2018

By Katie Cameron and Dr. Janet Strath


The Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) has held that the unregistered UK design right in two wedding dress designs owned by the claimant, Thelma Madine, a wedding dressmaker who rose to fame after appearing in Channel 4's MyBig Fat Gypsy Wedding - was infringed by a wedding dress and china figurine of a girl wearing such a dress.


Miss Recorder Amanda Michaels, sitting as an IPEC judge, found that the defendants had 'deliberately copied' a gigantic 'piano pleated Fan Dress' described by Ms Madine as 'the game-changer', which was made of up to 50 separate pure silk pieces and inspired by a 1950s Christian Dior creation.


Please read the full article here (Published by Oxford University Press, Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice on 20 March 2018).