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New forms of marks may be registered in the UK from January 2019

日期: 16 January 2019


This January sees the implementation of EU Directive 2015/2436. One notable change is the technical way the marks may be represented under the UK Trade Marks Act. The new legislation effectively allows several new types of non-traditional mark to become candidates for registration. Changes in technology, should also allow more certainty in the recording, and the ability to search, various non-traditional marks.


The new forms include:

  • Holograms
  • Pattern
  • Position
  • Motion
  • Multimedia.


For more detail on these changes in form of mark and format, and information on an EU Common Communication providing guidance, please click here.


For more information on the key changes in force from 14 January 2019, please see our Newsletter edition Make Your Mark, page 6.