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Continuity for Maucher Jenkins after Brexit

日期: 13 December 2019


Following the election of a new Conservative Government in the United Kingdom, it now looks increasingly likely that the UK will leave the European Union on the terms negotiated by Boris Johnson in the New Withdrawal Agreement. Brexit is set to happen on 31 January 2020, with a transition period to at least 31 December 2020.


No change for Trade Marks & Designs registrations


There will be changes to Trade Mark and Design protection after the transition period (see below), however clients of Maucher Jenkins will not experience any change in service.


As an Anglo-German firm with offices in Munich and Freiburg, Maucher Jenkins is well placed to represent our clients’ interests in the UK, Germany and throughout the EU now and following Brexit.


Our UK, German and Irish lawyers and Patentanwälte are experienced in EU Trade Marks (EUTMs) and Community designs (RCDs) matters, as well as in contentious, advisory and IP contractual matters, and will retain rights of representation before the EUIPO after Brexit.


For more guidance on the changes, please follow the link below:


Trade Marks & Designs in view of Brexit


European Patents Unaffected by Brexit


The European Patent system is independent of the EU, so there will be no change after Brexit.


For further information about Brexit and patent law, please follow the link below:


Patents in view of Brexit  


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