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Our patent attorneys lead the way in their expertise in sustainable energy technology innovation. We provide intellectual property protection to numerous green energy companies and inventors. Below is an overview of our areas of expertise and strategy.


Green Energy Patent Attorney at Maucher Jenkins


Green energy is an interdisciplinary field that requires experts in electrical engineering, electrochemistry, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and biotechnology. Our partners and lawyers have expertise in these areas and will build teams of experts tailored to our clients' specific technologies.


We hold invention collection meetings to identify and refine new technology information. Our team will guide you through the entire process of obtaining a granted patent: from prior art search, drafting and filing of a patent application, to granting, licensing or enforcement. We combine patent and intellectual property processes with expertise in cutting-edge technologies in green energy. Our team is one of the strongest in the market.


The importance of green energy innovation


To achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, green energy initiatives are needed to reduce atmospheric CO2, including:


  • renewable energy (wind, solar, etc.);
  • More efficient energy distribution, including:
    • smart grid,
    • Smart home, as well
    • short-term energy storage;
  • replacing household gas heating with heat pumps; and

  • Transportation is switched to electricity and hydrogen.


There will also be long-term demand for carbon capture and storage, as well as for the development of bioenergy technologies.


Maucher Jenkins has patent attorneys with extensive experience in the following areas:


Renewable energy technology patents

In 2019, the European Patent Office and the German Patent and Trademark Office published more than 1000,10 patent applications for solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal and biogas technologies. Patent applications increased by almost <> percent over the previous year, reflecting growing interest in the field.


Our IP professionals have more than two decades of experience in filing patent applications for wind, solar and other renewable energy technologies.


For example, we have worked with clients in the kinetic energy sector to file 3 global patents for technologies involving wind turbine functions.


Intellectual property protection for energy distribution and smart grids

While obtaining energy from renewable sources is an important way to reduce emissions, it is also necessary to improve our energy use and distribution.


We manage a wide range of global patents and prosecutions for industry leaders in smart grid technology. We have worked with this customer on the following patents:


  • "Cyclic Distribution Control System"
  • "Optimizing the Heat Load of the Response"
  • "Optimizing Power Asset Control"


Smart grids and smart homes are areas of innovation that are closely linked to the development of 5G and the Internet of Things. Our attorneys are leaders in the field of patents for artificial intelligence technology and patents for home connected devices.


For more research on the Internet of Things, please visit: IoT Lights Up 


Green energy storage patent

Energy storage will play an important role in decarbonizing transportation and power grids. We have experts in battery storage, electrolysis hydrogen production and fuel cell technology.


The European Patent Office has published a report showing that innovations in batteries for transport and storage surpassed those in portable batteries in 2011. Ten years of battery investment from 2000-2010 laid the foundation for these new technologies.


We work with market leaders in fuel cells and have filed several patents for their industry-leading technologies.


Green energy intellectual property protection funds


European Union

On 2020 June 6, the European Commission's Innovation Fund opened its first call for proposals. The Innovation Fund is one of the world's largest funding schemes for innovative low-carbon technologies. The event will provide €3 billion for market-ready projects in green technologies. And a separate budget is set aside for promising projects that are not yet ready.


For more detailed information, please refer to:European Commission green recovery 


United Kingdom

For more information on EU and UK funding for climate change mitigation technologies, see our article COVID-19 and European innovation



Green channel for UK patent applications


The UK's IPO has introduced a "green lane" to expedite patent applications for inventions that have proven environmental benefits. If you are interested, please contact us. If you want to get the tax benefits of patent boxes, it is important to speed up the process and authorization.